Use These Thought-Provoking Journaling Prompts For Self-Reflection

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope your day is going well.

As you probably already know, journaling is my peace, my creative way to express myself and share my thoughts. My favorite times to write are after lunch and before bed. Those times give me a chance to reflect on any weird dreams that I may have had the night before and anything interesting that happened during that day.

While writing the other night, I came up with some prompts that you could use daily. No, you don’t have to write about all of these in one sitting. You could complete one journaling prompt a day. Use these prompts as many times as you like. 

All I ask is that you’re honest with yourself. Say what you feel, and don’t hold back.

  1. What’s something good that happened today? Explain.
  2. Do you feel that you’re on the right track to accomplishing the goals you’ve set? Why or why not.
  3. What/who brightened your day? How?
  4. Did you learn something new today? If so, what was it?
  5. What’s a quote that you live by? What is it about this quote that strikes you?

I hope you have a great day! Happy journaling!

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