Embrace Your Beauty

Hi, and welcome back to Nieshia Tionne’s Blog! I hope you’re Monday is going well.

From Ugly Duckling To Beautiful Swan

We all have those days when we don’t feel attractive. Those days make you want not to leave the house because the fear of someone else seeing your unattractiveness is too much to bear.

Ever since I was in middle school, it was tough for me to see myself as beautiful. I was considered “ugly” by most of the guys around me. Their views of me caused me to go into this funk that took me years to shake. Instead of having more of an awareness of my natural beauty, I saw myself as ugly.

I was well into my adulthood when I began to see myself as someone worth seeing. I grew tired of relying on others to see me as pretty. I longed to be able to wake up every morning, look into the bathroom mirror, and say, “Nieshia, you are gorgeous!” Instead of waiting on compliments, I started to compliment myself.

I would wake up in the mornings and say something that I loved about myself. I’d take better care of my body, mind, and spirit. I began to wear clothes that I thought someone as fluffy as me couldn’t wear (high-waisted jeans, crop tops, dresses that showed off my big, beautiful legs). I even started wearing a little make-up (not every day, though, because I like my natural skin).

It took a lot of trial and error to get to the level of confidence I am today. Do I struggle with it from time to time? Yes! When I have those days of feeling blah, I remember all of the work it took to get to where I am, and I pull myself together. There’s still work to do, but I’m happy to be on the right track.

This Message Is For You!

I encourage all of you beautiful women out there who are having a tough time seeing yourself as beautiful to know that your beauty is unique. Understand that everyone isn’t going to think you’re attractive. But, guess what? That’s their issue, not yours.

I have a challenge for you. For the next month, I would like for you to do two things. One, take a photo of yourself. Don’t worry about editing or sharing it online. Create a new folder on your phone for these photos. The goal is for you to be able to see and appreciate your uniqueness. Two, write down one thing you love about yourself. Physically writing down the things that you love about yourself gives you a bit of a confidence boost. Acknowledge your strengths, grow in the areas you’re weak, and embrace the way that God made you!

These two exercises will aid in the boost of your self-confidence. By the end of this challenge, I hope that you’re able to see yourself as the beautiful woman that you are.

I hope that today’s post encouraged you in some way.

Have a great day!

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