Journey to Fit (Ep.1): Getting Started

Hello, everyone! I hope that you’re doing well and kicking this new month, June, off with positivity and progression.

It amazes me how fast time has flown. We are halfway through 2021 already! As I reflect on one of my goals this year, to get into better shape, I can honestly say that there’s still some work to get done.

May was a month that opened my eyes to the realities of what could happen to me if I don’t become serious about my health. As I witnessed someone close to me lying in a hospital bed due to a rather dramatic increase in sugar levels, it hit me that if I don’t shape up and change my eating and workout habits, that will be me. I shook the thought away and left the hospital determined to make a change.

A Quick Back Story:

In my senior year of high school, I was hit with the reality of the effects of my unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. Right into the first semester of my senior year, I began to notice a change in my body. I was urinating more than usual, headaches were becoming more frequent, and my level of tiredness increased. After the symptoms became unbearable, I went to the doctor.

It was there that I learned that I was well on the way to becoming a diabetic. When my doctor gave me that news, I was shocked. I was way too young to be dealing with the thought of being a diabetic. After multiple tests, I found out I wasn’t diabetic. My doctor did warn me that if I didn’t change my eating and exercise habits, I would become a diabetic.

So, what did I do? I went home and slowly changed my unhealthy habits. Years later, I’m happy to say that I’m in better shape, but I still have work to do.

The Journey to Fit Begins Today!

I’m taking you guys along with me as I venture on this journey to fit. Every week this month, I’ll share with you fitness updates, workouts that will help you tone and increase endurance, and different foods that I’ve incorporated into my diet.

My goal with sharing my journey with you is, one, to have accountability, and two, to encourage any of you who are working on getting into better shape or thinking about getting into better shape. It’s important when you’re on any journey of improving yourself is to have people on your side that will hold you accountable to what you’re doing. Your accountability partners should push you and motivate you to do great things.

By the end of June, I hope to have:

  • A toned body
  • Better endurance (run for two miles without stopping)
  • Healthier eating habits

Getting into better shape isn’t a month-long goal. I’m determined to make this a lifestyle. So, if you’re a fitness guru and have some tips that could help me along this journey, please feel free to comment down below for any suggestions you have.

Some Quick Exercises To Do Daily!

To start this fitness journey, I would like to share some simple exercises I do after waking up in the mornings and before I lay down for bed at night. It’s easy and requires little effort. Done consistently, you’ll begin to see results.

50 Push-Ups (Knee push-ups are fine – I do them. My goal is to be able to do regular push-ups soon)

50 Squats (I would advise changing up the variation of squat that you do so that you don’t get bored)

20 Leg Raises

Those three practical yet straightforward exercises will get you well on the way to becoming more fit. Let me go ahead and mention that I am not a personal trainer by any means. I am a woman on a mission to getting healthier, and I hope that I can encourage you to do the same.

What are some of your favorite exercises? Comment them down below!

Join me as I venture on this journey to fit!

Stay hydrated and motivated!

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