Faith Friday’s: Inspirational Bible Verses To Read In The Mornings

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you’ve had a week full of happiness, love, and productivity.

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with my husband, and I admitted that I needed to make better use of my time in the mornings. My mornings usually go like this:

  • Roll over, thank God for another day, and then grab my iPad to check emails and social media
  • Brush my teeth, and then brush the kid’s teeth
  • Make breakfast for the kids
  • As they’re eating breakfast, I clean the entire house

Once those things are done, I move on with the rest of the day. To sum it all up, my morning routine leaves little room for time with God. I tend to focus on making sure the house is in order before getting the day started when what I should be doing is spending time with God.

Yesterday, I challenged myself to less cleaning and more time reading my devotionals and praying. Let me tell you something. That made quite a bit of difference to my morning and overall day. I was able to devote twenty minutes to praying and devotionals. I wasn’t worried about washing dishes or putting a load of laundry in the washing machine. I didn’t feel rushed.

I know it was only one day of me completing that challenge, but I plan to continue that routine of spending more time with God in the mornings (throughout the day, too).

I know we are all busy. There are many things to do, places to go, emails to send. But let’s carve out some time in the mornings to talk to God. Give him thanks for allowing us to see another day. Let Him know the desires of your heart. Spill your concerns out to Him. Let’s devote our morning time to releasing the worries, desires, and needs to God so that we can carry on throughout the day with the faith of knowing He hears us and God will come through for us.

Let me share three Bible verses you can read in the mornings to give you a boost as soon as you wake.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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