Fitness Challenge (1): Full Body Workout For Beginners

Let’s face it, getting in shape is hard. There are many different foods out there that taste like heaven but are terrible for our health. In addition, our schedules are too busy, and finding time to exercise becomes a hassle. I get it!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been on a fitness journey. My goal is to tone up, build endurance, and have an overall healthy lifestyle. So far on this fitness journey, things have been a bit of a roller coaster. Some days I cannot wait to exercise, and other days I dread the thought of it. On those days when I’m not feeling up to working out, I push myself to get it done. Getting in shape takes time, consistency, and work.

Today, I’ve created a beginner-friendly workout that you can complete three to five times a week. I designed it to target your whole body and aid in building your endurance. As I mentioned in a blog post before, I’m not a licensed personal trainer. But, I am a woman on a mission to getting fit and helping those who would like to do the same. So, as you’re going through this workout, please listen to your body. If you need to stop or modify some exercises, please do so.

Ready? Let’s go!!

(Please make sure that you’re hydrated and that you’ve done a warm-up BEFORE jumping into this workout. Also, cool down and stretch afterward.)

Alternating lunges (15 reps – 3 sets)
Pop squats (10 reps – 3 sets)

Push-ups (15 reps – 3 sets)
Overhead shoulder press (use weights) (12 reps – 3 sets)

Crunches (25 reps – 3 sets)
Leg raises (12 reps – 3 sets)

Burpees (8 reps – 3 sets)
Wall sit (30 seconds – 1 set)

Complete this workout three to five times a week consistently. I know you can do it! Let’s stay focused and remember why we are on this fitness journey. You got this!

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