Confidence-Building Tip #2: Move Your Body

A considerable part of my journey to building and maintaining self-awareness and self-confidence is exercise. When I’m feeling low, I exercise. Whenever I feel anxious, I exercise. I’m not saying that exercising is a cure-all, but it does have its benefits for confidence-building.

I don’t wake up every single day thinking I’m going to conquer the day. Some days I struggle to get out of bed. A couple of weeks ago, I was going down this rabbit hole of insecurities.

“I need to lose weight.”

“DO MORE CRUNCHES! Your stomach is flabby!”

“Are you sure you’re going to be able to fulfill what God is calling you to do?”

My mind was quickly filling with self-deprecating thoughts. Being that I’ve been here before, I knew what to do to shake those thoughts. I pulled myself off of the couch, put my running shoes on, grabbed my headphones and phone, and went on a jog. 

I was outside, sun blazing, getting my blood pumping and removing anything and thoughts holding me back. As my feet pounded the concrete and the music blasting in my ears, my insecurities began to fade away. I began to focus on the fact that I was jogging and not entirely out of breath. I was doing something that I thought I would never be able to do: run. I felt lighter, and my mind became free of those insecure thoughts.

A Simple Workout Routine For You

Listen to your body! Modify any exercise if you need to, and have fun! Don’t forget to warm up and stretch a little before jumping into this or any workout plan. I’m not a licensed personal trainer. I’m a woman on a mission to inspiring other women to get active and take better care of their overall health.

Let’s get to the workout!

10 Overhead Shoulder Presses (with weights) – 3 sets

12 Sumo Squats – 3 Sets

30 Sec. Plank – 3 Sets

10 Leg Raises – 3 Sets

1 Min. Jog in Place – Sets

An Encouraging Message

As we continue to build and maintain our self-confidence, let’s not be so hard on ourselves. Give yourself some grace and know that you’re not perfect. You’re going to have those down days when you feel less than, but it’s on those days when you need to press harder towards your goals and dreams.

I believe in you! Let’s grow together.

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