As a writer, blogger, I know all to well the importance of creating well thought out, engaging, easy-to-read content. You want your audience to connect with your work on some level. There does come a time when you’re in a frenzy to get content published that you forget the single, most-important step before pressing the “publish” button. That is editing your work!

So many of us, including me, have glanced over our blog posts, newsletters, or other written works in a rush to publish, and once it’s published, we realize that, oops, there are errors. Noticeable errors that can cause some readers to turn away from your content. To grow a successful writing career, having a wonderful copyeditor is going to be your best investment ever!

That’s where I come in!!

As your copyeditor, you can count on me to check for:

  • Spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation errors.
  • Technical (ex. 25 or twenty-five, e-mail or email, etc.) and character consistency.
  • Potential liabilities (especially when citing other individual’s work)

Overall, I will ensure that your written content is engaging and ready to be viewed by your audience. With Nieshia Tionne’s Copyediting Service, you can expect professional, timely, and thorough service.


Blog posts: $45

Newsletters & Magazine Articles: $30

Short Stories (5000 word count limit until further notice): $150

Books (10,000 word count limit): $180

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and thorough copyeditor, please feel free to contact me at